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Descon 2021 is an immersive, digital experience over the course of three days, Feb. 13-15. Meet the leaders who will be sharing their experiences, insights and the challenges they encountered along the way.

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Speakers at Descon '21

Meet the leaders shaping your future
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Phil Deutch
Partner, NGP ETP
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Raghu Belur
Chief Products Officer & Co-Founder, Enphase
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Senator Phil Gramm
Former Texas Senator; Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
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Bob Litterman
Founding Partner & Chairman of Risk Committee, Kepos Capital; Former Goldman Sachs; Ph.D
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Henry Fernandez
Chairman & CEO, MSCI
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Toby Rice
CEO, EQT Corp.
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Wil Vanloh
Founder & CEO, Quantum Energy Partners
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Barry Blattman
Vice Chairman, Brookfield
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David Blood
Founding & Senior Partner, Generation Investment Management
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Mark McCombe
Senior Managing Director, Chief Client Officer, BlackRock
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Mark Carney
Vice Chair and Head of Transition Investing, Brookfield; Former Governor of the Bank of England
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Vicki Hollub
CEO, Occidential Petroleum
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Scott Anderson
Senior Director, Energy, Environmental Defense Fund
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Michael Greenstone
Director of Becker Friedman Institute, Professor, University of Chicago; Ph.D.
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Julio Friedmann
Chief Scientist, Carbon Direct; Non-Resident Fellow, Columbia University; Ph.D.
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Chris Levesque
President & CEO, TerraPower
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Al Vickers
President, BP Wind Energy
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Steve Koonin
Author / Scientist, Former BP & Department of Energy; Ph.D.
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Starlee Sykes
Senior Vice President, BP (Gulf of Mexico and Canada)
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Scott Sheffield
CEO, Pioneer Natural Resources
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Paula Gant
Senior Vice President, GTI; Former Department of Energy; Ph.D.
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Ken Medlock
Fellow, Baker Institute, Rice University; Ph.D.
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Brad Jones
Interim President & CEO, ERCOT
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Professor William Sahlman
Professor Emeritus, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School, Ph.D.
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Jonathan Silver
Senior Advisor, Guggenheim Partners; Former Executive Director, Loan Programs Office, U.S. Department of Energy
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Mark Stahlman
President, Center for the Study of Digital Life (CSDL); CEO, Exogenous; Managing Partner, TMT Strategies
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Arun Majumdar
Professor & Senior Fellow, Stanford University; Ph.D.
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Daniel Yergin
Vice Chairman, IHS Markit / S&P Global; Founder & Co-Chair, CERAWeek; Ph.D.
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Jason Bordoff
Dean, Director & Professor, Columbia Climate School, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University
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Amin Nasser
President & CEO, Saudi Aramco
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Ernest Moniz
Former US Secretary of Energy; Founder, Energy Futures Initiative; Ph.D.